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The Alaska SeaLife Center, the only aquarium in Alaska and located at the start of the Seward Highway, is one of the Nauti Otter's favorite places to visit. It's the perfect place in Resurrection Bay to see the amazing marine wildlife of Alaska. 

The amazing world of marine wildlife awaits!

Take it from the Captains and crew, the Alaska SeaLife Center provides one of the most educational and fun activities in Seward. From learning about the sustainable fishing industries to the Salmon Shark, the center if full of educational information. That's just where the fun begins though! We love the hands on experience with starfish, sea cucumbers, and anemones. Of course, the birds of Alaska are one of the stars of the show! The aviary enclosure lets us hang out with puffins and many other Alaska fowl.
Another one of the Captain's favorite exhibits are the varying tanks of Alaska salmon. Everyone leaves with a better understanding of the many names of our favorite fish!
Last, we never fail to observe the animals in rehab. It is so wonderful to see the love and care the center provides for marine animals from all over Alaska. 

There's something for everyone.